If you are here, you've probably come in contact with Mr. Posten.

You may be curious about what he does, what he has done, and if he may someday be useful to you. He thanks you for your interest. Mr. Posten understands the world of CEOs, particularly those who have founded their companies. He provides strategic counsel and creative teams to address matters typically related to brand, marketing and growth.

Mr. Posten's approach is typically embraced by people who are entrepreneurial - people who have a sense of what they need to do and want to cut through the crap to get it done. In most cases, Mr. Posten avoids engagements where 100 page powerpoints are viewed as productive. Perhaps that's as much as you need to know.

If not, read on.

OK, here's a bit of information on his background.

Mr. Posten's early experience includes writing award-winning creative for brands such as Sam Adams Beer, MasterCard and Motorola while at McCann Erickson in New York City. While sexy, he found big ad agency life a tad confining and decided to start a different kind of agency where creative marketing ideas would have a impact across a wider range of business initiatives.

In 2000, with a business partner, Mr. Posten founded Ideocore. At the time, Ideocore was the first brand launch consultancy in the world to focus on venture-backed start-ups. In 10 years, Ideocore launched hundreds of start-ups from offices in Southern California, San Francisco and New York City.

Mr. Posten has launched nearly every kind of company, brand and product imaginable. From luxury retail to biotech. Healthcare, financial services, high tech, and good old-fashioned oil companies. Online platforms for making hedge fund rebate rates more transparent as well as witty branding for kids fruit bars. Banks, phone companies, real estate developments, and online retailers selling shoes to Mexican women.

It was at Ideocore where Mr. Posten learned he had a unique ability to understand the number of issues faced by CEOs and company founders and advise them on higher-level brand and marketing challenges. In 2010, Mr. Posten founded The Issue Number Corporation to do just that.

Mr. Posten currently works with a limited portfolio of clients across a variety of industries, in various life stages. For many clients, he has served as a C-level executive, including roles as Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Creative Officer and Chief Brand Officer.

When clients do not have appropriate in-house marketing and creative teams, The Issue Number Corporation provides a SWAT team of industry veterans to get the job done. This includes graphic design, interactive, media, strategy, consumer research and film among others. Still reading? Well done. Here's one last click.

Pardon the enthusiasm, but Mr. Posten loves what he does. And if you've gone this far, you clearly deserve a beverage. Drop him a note and the first (few) are on him.